Leisure-net launches lead management response tool

Leading customer insight provider for the active leisure sector, Leisure-net has added a sales tool to its web-based e-Focus Customer Insight Platform on the DataHub.

sales-Focus offers a unique set of tools to manage, monitor and measure results from the membership enquiry stage through to the sale. The online service aims to speed up health club and leisure centre lead response times, as well as increasing conversions.

“As clearly demonstrated in the research we undertook with sales and service strategy specialist Lesley Aitken, the faster staff respond to enquires, the more likely they are to convert to members. Responding to online enquiries within 15 minutes resulted in a 70% conversion at Queen’s Park Sports Centre,” said Mike Hill, Director of Leisure-net.

“The sales-Focus tool, which was developed in conjunction with leisure trust operator Freedom Leisure, will interact with leads via purposeful mailings, such as calls to action for special offers or membership sales, call/email backs to follow up with prospects that have delayed decisions and appointment reminders, ultimately shortening the sales cycle and giving operators a greater chance of converting enquiries into members.”

sales-Focus provides clear and hierarchical reporting levels from sales person to site, contract, region and entire group, as well as working as one complete system for both online and face to face enquiries. Using sales-Focus, any online enquiries are automatically directed to the sales team, who in turn allocate and record their tasks and actions. Face to face enquiries can also be added to the system.

The reporting dashboard provides live data, such as sales enquiries in the pipeline and source of enquiry, as well as speed of response, together with the ability to measure return on investment from marketing spend.

The system is easy to set up with tailored options for logos and colour schemes, and the ability to choose bespoke ‘needs analysis’ questions and allocate dedicated email addresses for both enquiry management and reporting.

Phil Lucus, Head of Sales for Freedom Leisure, commented: “It can be easy, with the wrong system and processes in place, to lose leads by not responding, capturing and converting them in an organised and timely manner. We wanted something intuitive for our teams to use, but couldn’t find anything and so started talking to Leisure-net about working with them to develop something totally new. sales-Focus is a very easy-to-use system, which makes lead management extremely measurable, and enables a positive conversion in sales.”

sales-Focus sits on the sector’s DataHub platform, along with Leisure-net’s other experience measurement services, which include call-Focus, visit-Focus, feedback-Focus and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Managed by sport intelligence provider 4 Global, DataHub is a collaborative project that allows sport and leisure providers to share and align their data, giving operators access to business critical data, not only from their own sites but from across the sector. Partners, including Leisure-net, also help operators maximise returns from the data via specialist tools and business intelligence online modules.

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Editor’s note:
Leisure-net Solutions is the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the UK’s active leisure, fitness and cultural services industries. Leisure-net helps leading industry organisations, local authorities and Trusts, as well as private sector operators and suppliers, to understand their customers’ and clients’ needs and aspirations, and to deliver innovative service and health improvement initiatives.

The DataHub is a repository for sport and leisure data, integrated and enhanced through a suite of business intelligence modules, accessed anywhere via a single online portal. This includes improved traditional services such as business reporting, customer insight, accident monitoring and marketing, as well as access to sector intelligence and benchmarking.

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