Goji Group launches world-class cleaner and greener air purification system to help gyms welcome members back safely

Health clubs and leisure centres can welcome members back with confidence this April, thanks to a world-class, hospital-grade air purification system, which traps and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including human coronavirus.


The cleaner and greener system, which has been brought to the UK exclusively by the Goji Group, is manufactured in Hong Kong.  It uses unique Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) technology, to purify the air, without generating any harmful bi-products. The system has already sold two million units in Asia and the US.


The environmentally-friendly, cost-effective system can work independently or alongside health club ventilation systems, removing toxins from the air, including pollen, dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), particulate matter (down to PM2.5), odours and other airborne pollutants. Other filter products gather contaminated particles, whereas the Goji system breaks down these pollutants, converting the carcinogenic waste into water and non-toxic effect carbon dioxide.


Professor Greg Whyte OBE, former Olympian and an authority in sports and exercise physiology, is Science Director of the Goji Group. He says: “The leisure industry has worked hard to make their facilities as COVID secure as possible, through a mixture of sanitation, ventilation, capacity limits and social distancing best practices.  The Goji air purification system allows clubs to go that one step further by reducing the risk of air contamination from a range of sources, including bacteria and viruses.


“Installing Goji air purification systems in your health club, however large or small, will give your customers confidence in the air they breathe, confidence to work out together and reassurance that your club is future-proofing its facilities.”


The Goji air purification system is already installed in other business settings, including hospitals, offices, schools, hotels and even trains, and is available in a range of sizes, including floor, wall and ceiling units, as well as duct mounted units that can be attached to existing ventilation systems.


Air purification isn’t reliant on bringing air in from the outside, so it avoids the cost of heating or cooling outside air. Venues using the system have additional peace of mind that it is not bringing in outside pollutants, such as pollen or traffic fumes.  Goji’s air purification system can also be targeted in changing room areas to remove aerosol products, such as deodorants and perfumes, and unwanted odours in changing and toilet facilities.


Whyte says: “It is well documented that some older buildings and non-custom-built venues find it challenging and expensive to retrospectively upgrade ventilation systems. Recent research has demonstrated that combining ventilation with air purification enhances air quality. Accordingly, the Goji system combined with existing ventilation can create the clean air clients are looking for.”


David Lixton, Director, Goji Group says: “Goji is the future of air quality.  The covid pandemic has forced us to reset the bar – and to rethink what ‘clean’ really means. Going forward society is going to demand both cleaner and greener air in everything we do and everywhere we go.


“The Goji Group is committed to creating a clean and green living environment for the next generation. Yes, the air purification system will support a safer re-entry back into society post lockdown – but for the long term it has an environmental legacy; as an affordable and green way to purify air to address pollution triggering conditions, such as air born viral and bacterial infections, asthma and hay fever.”

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