Precor Preva stats show positive bounce back across Europe

Data released this week, taken from Precor’s fully-networked fitness solution Preva, shows a glimmer of hope for UK operators. Regions across Europe are bouncing back to pre-COVID attendance levels incredibly quickly.

Preva stats comparing total workouts per day in June 2020 with last year’s figures are showing that – in countries where re-opening is well underway – numbers are well on the way to being on a par with previous years.

In Germany, where re-opening started from mid-May, workouts on Preva networked cardio ma-chines are in excess of 25,000 per day.

Allowing for a year on year growth in equipment across the country’s clubs, the figures indicate returns to the gym are already at 71%.

And in Austria, which started to re-open facilities at the end of May, workouts have exceeded those in the same period last year.

“The rapid return to working out in those European countries that are ahead of the UK in terms of lifting their lockdowns is incredibly positive,” says Steve Carter, Managing Director, Precor UK.

“The stats show a steady growth across EMEA, most positively in Germany and Austria who opened earliest. This is a hugely optimistic sign for all the UK operators who now finally have the the green light to have re-opened from 25th July.”

Preva is a powerful cloud-based suite of tools which is connected to more than 123,703 net-worked units in 100 different countries and has recorded more than 900 million workouts to date.

Preva Business Suite is a web-based platform, which provides operators with tools to service and manage equipment usage, and market their brand to existing and potential members.

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