Life Leisure uses software solution to collate meaningful Exercise Referral data

Life Leisure is using Refer-all’s software solution to collate meaningful data from its Exercise on Referral scheme. Refer-all provides software solutions to enhance the efficiency of exercise referrals from healthcare to leisure provider.

One of the first Exercise Referral schemes in the country, Life Leisure first established their programme in 1992. PARiS (Physical Activity Referral in Stockport) is a joint partnership between the trust and NHS Stockport.

Michelle Childs, Senior Physical Activity Development Officer at Life Leisure, explained: “When it came to evaluating a patient’s improvements against baseline, our previous referrals database made this difficult and time consuming. We wanted a system which could collect and analyse more information as well as providing additional monitoring tools. This information would, therefore, provide Commissioners, and patients, with a better understanding of the positive impact the service was having on their health over the length of the scheme and beyond.”

Life Leisure uses Refer-all’s software to provide a central hub where all the data can be fed back into one overall framework, not only from their PARiS scheme but also from other related programmes, such as weight management and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) classes. Refer-all also provided Life Leisure with an integrated and automated text service, which sends SMS messages to patients to remind them about assessments during the programme.

Childs commented: “There were two major factors in our purchasing decision: value for money and security. It was clear the flexibility of Refer-all’s system would allow us to maximise both. The text messaging service, for example, improves the patient experience and also reduces ‘no shows’ maximising our team’s available time.

“Refer-all’s software means our patient data is even more secure, which is increasingly important due to the legislation surrounding data protection, and is also restorable. The system itself is truly versatile, allowing it to adapt to fit our future requirements and potentially integrate with other key systems in the future.”

Refer-all offers a fast and efficient referral pathway for the leisure trust’s Exercise on Referral schemes from healthcare providers, such as Primary Care, Mental Health teams, Cardiac Rehab teams, hospitals and GPs, via an online form. The referral from the healthcare provider appears instantly on the leisure provider’s dashboard, from where they can use Refer-all’s software solution to move the patient through their service, setting target dates and recording actions completed against the referral, such as contacting the patient and booking appointments via a task bar. The integrated system also provides the leisure provider with information about where the referrals come from.

Childs added: “Refer-all is a highly professional business which is not only knowledgeable about technology but crucially is experienced in and also understands lifestyle services.”

Life Leisure provides Exercise on Referral services at eight of their fifteen sites in the Stockport area including PARiS and COPD, Cardiac Rehab and Lower Back Rehabilitation classes.

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Refer-all are specialists in software solutions for exercise referral and consultancy providing great communication, strong outcomes and efficient workflow to make people active.

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