Level 3+ personal training course created by Lifetime Training partnership with PTA Global

Lifetime Training has partnered with PTA Global to create a Level 3+ personal training course.

The new Lifetime PTA Global Maxima course combines two flagship qualifications: Lifetime’s Level 3 Personal Training Diploma and PTA’s Global Advanced certificate. The PTA Bridging Course certification, also included within the course, provides the foundation knowledge, techniques and insights to take personal trainers beyond Level 3 and provides them with the structure and techniques to take their career to this new advanced level.

Designed to help managers and studio owners develop their personal training team’s capabilities, as well as for self employed personal trainers, the new course includes everything from ‘soft’ skills such as communication, behaviour change and client motivation techniques, to an in depth scientific understanding of the body and brain, incorporating cutting edge research.

Historically, both Lifetime Training and PTA Global are focused on helping personal trainers to develop client-centred exercise programmes and increase client retention, while supporting them with continuing education and guidance.

Mike Jones, Commercial Director at Lifetime Training, explained: “This new course provides fitness facilities with the skills and knowledge to develop personal training teams and propel these individuals to the top echelons in the industry. By teaming up with PTA Global, managers can be assured that they are developing their staff via two true powerhouses from the fitness industry. The Maxima course has been designed to develop talented personal trainers and take them to the top of their profession so that they can lead the way in the health and fitness industry.”

Brent Hallo, FitPro’s founder and Chairman at FitPro, commented: “At FitPro, our goal is to provide quality solutions for fitness professionals. Lifetime Training’s heritage of quality training has a true synergy with PTA Global where we seek to provide personal trainers with the science, knowledge and practical skills they need to be a successful personal trainer. The creation of this new course is a great opportunity for personal trainers to develop and enhance their knowledge and invest in their careers to take them to new heights.”

For further information visit www.lifetimetraining.co.uk/maxima

Editor’s notes:

Lifetime Training is one of the UK’s largest vocational training providers. Established in 1995, it now delivers innovative training programmes to more than 20,000 people a year. More than 250 Lifetime trainers and tutors work directly with learners at over 3,000 workplaces and educational centres in order to deliver on both educational and business needs. Lifetime Training is the 2014 Flame Awards Supplier of the Year.

FitPro is the world’s largest development firm for fitness professionals, with more than 150,000 members across 82 countries. FitPro delivers the only worldwide accredited certification for PTs, alongside a range of products and services to support the FitPro family.

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