EXi and ReferAll collaborate

EXi, the award-winning exercise prescription App, has announced a new partnership with data management platform ReferAll, to help significantly modernise and streamline the way in which exercise is prescribed to patients.

ReferAll is a data management platform used by more than 300 public health services. The platform is widely used by Exercise Referral Schemes (ERS), which links referred patients to physical gyms and exercise groups. This new partnership enables the delivery of a digital programme, which will vastly improve uptake and provide greater choice when patients cannot attend in person.

EXi, which is NHS-approved, is the world’s first App to provide an automated yet personalised exercise prescription, based on the latest scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness to those suffering from 21 long-term conditions.

Chief Executive of EXi, Carron Manning, said: “In the UK, we are facing a stark health crisis and ultimately we must place significantly more value on how we view the importance of healthy lifestyles as the first line of defence against some chronic conditions and sedentary lifestyles.

“There is a large volume of evidence to support the use of physical activity as an intervention and our partnership with ReferAll will help us to grow our network to enable increasingly more GP’s and patients, as well as members of the public, to make use of a digital personalised exercise programme.”

“We want to see the prescription of personalised exercise programmes for patients become the norm.”

EXi will sit as a link on the ReferAll platform so that when a Scheme Administrator is speaking to a patient, they can give the option of using EXi as an exercise solution either independently or in conjunction with a traditional gym-based programme. The ReferAll platform will then send the patient an invitation to download EXi and the patient will get started on the programme. As they use the programme, EXi will pass health and exercise metrics seamlessly back to ReferAll, which the ERS administrator will have access to, allowing them to help manage and encourage the patient and report back on outcomes.

Stuart Stokes, MD at Referral, said: “As many of our customers look to re-start their services, capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions is going to be a real issue. Offering EXi as an option alongside face-to-face and remote sessions delivered via telephone or video conferencing will be a game changer in the fight to tackle rising referral rates and capacity concerns.”

In the UK, more than 20 million people are classed as living an inactive, sedentary lifestyle, and almost as many are diagnosed with at least one chronic disease. The management of people with chronic conditions accounts for 70% of the annual NHS budget and 50% of GP appointments.

For more information, visit www.exi.life

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