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DataHub launches contact tracking solution for the sector

The DataHub has launched a data-driven solution to help re-mobilise the leisure sector.

The Tractiv8 customer-facing app, powered by the DataHub, provides members with a way to inform their leisure facility should they contract coronavirus. Tractiv8 then uses the facility’s data within the DataHub to establish who’s been in the building and when, and so identify at-risk groups automatically.

The app examines activity, location and time of exposure, allowing operators to quickly communicate with at-risk members. This can be done directly through the DataHub platform via email or through the Tractiv8 app.

“The leisure sector has been dramatically affected by COVID-19, with social restrictions driving unprecedented change to the delivery of sport and physical activity. Tractiv8 gives businesses a critical component in tackling perhaps the biggest re-opening challenge – to instil confidence in members and reassure them your priority is their safety,” says Chris Phillips, Head of Sales, 4global – Sports Intelligence.

“Customer confidence is essential if we’re to drive active participation to restart revenue streams and secure existing memberships while attract new ones. The recent Leisure-net national post-lockdown survey revealed 56% of customers believe cleanliness and safe social distancing will be the number one factor affecting their return to centres.”

There is no location (GPS) tracking of individuals and all data is anonymously captured, processed and managed by the sector trusted DataHub platform.

Alongside Tractiv8, 4global is also launching the Business Recovery Package. It will support operators by providing modelling of reopening scenarios, using sector and operator-specific data to ensure a facility is prioritising programmes and operations that will drive revenues and participation.

Once a site has re-opened, the package then assists businesses in managing the new normal for their organisation, delivery partners and members with performance monitoring, measured against localised and national benchmarks.

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