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Following on from a successful keynote session at active-net, Deniz Paradot – mindfulness coach and founder of Human-Business – will be joining Leisure-net Solutions as an Associate Consultant this month.

Paradot’s role will be to lead on delivering Human-Business mindfulness service, The Way of the Chimp, into the active leisure sector. A unique eight-week programme, it brings the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace using authentic practices backed by scientific research. The Way of the Chimp focuses on five essential workplace qualities: cultivating leadership skills, strategic thinking, productivity, self-management and interpersonal skills.

Leisure-net Solutions will support Paradot by delivering the Mindfulness Matters Survey into organisations and linking mindfulness to its other people development work. The survey recognises that mindfulness and wellbeing are linked by severalfactors and it is through an employee-direct understanding of these linked relationships that organisations can identify the changes that will create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Leisure-net will also be helping Deniz to develop the first corporate mindful app, details of which will be announced shortly.

David Monkhouse, joint director of Leisure-net Solutions, says: “We are looking forward to working with Deniz, developing and delivering this innovative service into our sector. He gained some excellent feedback from active-net 2015 and many customers talked of how much value Human-Business would bring to their operation. We focus so much on physical health in our businesses but it is equally important to think about the mental health and happiness of the people who work for us. We are really looking forward to enhancing our ‘People Development’ offer and have great plans for bringing mindfulness to the sector.”

Deniz Paradot, founder of Human-Business, says: “Human-Business welcomes the prospect of working with Leisure-net. These are demanding times for the leisure industry, with longer operating hours and the expectation of excellent performance 24/7. Mindfulness brings a new revolution of employee care into the workplace, with potential cost savings thanks to reduced absence and sickness plus improved productivity and customer service helping the bottom line.We believe we can work together to create a happier and healthier people leisure industry workforce.”

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Editor’s note:
Leisure-net Solutions is the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence andConsultation services to the active leisure, fitness and cultural servicesindustries. Leisure-net works helps leading industry organisations, local authorities and Trusts, as well as private sector operators and suppliers, to understand their customers’ and clients’ needs and aspirations, and to deliver innovative service and health improvement initiatives.

DenizParadot runs his own Mindfulness and Wellbeing Clinic in Norwich,teaching Qigong, theoriginalaauthentic Mindfulnesspractice, to enhance leadership, develop communication skills and transform the way we approach stress, anxiety and depression. His management background spans an 18-year career in the hospitality industry.Human Business’s Mindfulness in Business programme, The Way of the Chimp, helps improve results by truly looking after employees, their health and wellbeing, personal and professional relationships, communication skills, psychological and physical fitness. Human-Business inspires and empowers individuals to develop the capacity to transform themselves, their organisations and their communities.

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